Africa is home to a young, growing, urban and tech savvy population with rising household income. These demographics trends – alongside the increasing access of digital and mobile technology, promises to unlock investment opportunities across the continent in various economic sectors.

By 2025, it is projected that Africa will be the 2nd fastest growing region with a projected GDP of up to $4.5 trillion. In addition, African household consumption will increase to more than $2 trillion with majority of this being experienced in North, East and West African countries.

Social Trends in Africa

The growing working-age population and the rise of middle class continue to be the most influential segments of the population and their rise will lead to a significant increase in demand for food, education, healthcare, infrastructure, housing and financial services among others.

Rapid digitization of Africa offers the biggest transformation and set of opportunities that will continue to spur the growth of technological centres across the continent. This has the ripple effect of unlocking business opportunities in other sectors as well. The potential for investing in Africa is huge and presents boundless opportunities for investors. 

Investment Opportunities

Core investment Sectors

Financial Services/Fintech

The opportunities for FinTech’s are vast with two-thirds of the population still unbanked despite 64% of the global mobile money passing through Africa.

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Africa's FinTech


According to estimates, 60% of the world’s arable land is in Africa yet the continent’s full agricultural potential remains untapped. This untapped potential sees Sub Saharan Africa import nearly $15 billion food crops every year.

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Invest in Africa's Farming Industry


Africa has abundance of various natural resources and is rapidly tapping into this to expand its energy capabilities to meet both local and global demands whilst driving the economic growth of individual countries.

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