Business Intelligence (BI)

The use of Business Intelligence tools allows businesses to retrieve, analyse, transform and report data in an easy-to-understand format. The better an organisation is at processing and analysing data, the more it stands to gain from business intelligence.

Inara deploys a comprehensive set of business intelligence solutions that empower businesses to get market insights from analysed data, make smart and quick decisions, seek out opportunities for growth and increase the business’s bottom line.

Our Business Intelligence solutions allows you to easily analyse, explore and understand data. Remove the noise from the data and get meaningful and actionable insights that your business can utilise.

With the key insights, your business executives and managers can make well informed business decisions that puts it on a path to raise its revenues, boost operational efficiency and gain an advantage over competitors.

Benefits of Using Business Intelligence Tools

54Growth in Sales

Translate data into valuable
and actionable insights.

63Increase in Demand

Use insights to identify emerging markets or tailor products to changing market needs.

27Market Share

Informed decisions makes your
business stay ahead of competitors.