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Inara links investors with business and investment opportunities in Africa. We do this by conducting comprehensive market research to understand the current trends, and consumer behaviour that affect the growth of various sectors across the continent.

We do an in-depth research and analysis of possible factors that might affect investment opportunities in various sectors.

Some of these factors include market size, growth potential, barriers to entry, opportunities to expand and the level of competition among others.

We offer a comprehensive breakdown of sectors within countries and compare similar sectors in different countries to determine where to invest. We work with partners, based in Africa and worldwide, and together with market data, research and intelligence tools, we are able to analyse several market indicators that affect business and investment opportunities.

With this intelligence report, investors can make informed and timely investment decisions in whichever sector they are looking to invest in.

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Africa is home to the world’s fastest growing economies. Although the growth metrics across the continent is impressive, they differ from country to country and sector to sector. It is important to get the right insights when considering areas and markets to invest in.

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