Africa’s Agri-business Opportunities

Rising urbanization and the growth of urban middle class consumers in Africa is projected to increase consumer spending by as much as $645 billion by 2025. One third of this ($167 billion) could be in food and beverages sectors. Urban consumers are expected to increase their consumption of fresh produce, dairy and meat.

According to estimates, 60% of the world’s arable land is in Africa yet the continent’s full agricultural potential remains untapped. This untapped potential sees Sub Saharan Africa import nearly $15 billion food crops every year.

This rising demand presents a challenge and an opportunity for Africa’s agricultural sector. For Africa to increase its food production and feed its growing population and even export the surplus, it needs to improve its cost effectiveness for food production in comparison to major food trading blocks.

Indeed, African countries have already proven their comparative advantage in certain crops such as cash crops (coffee, tea, horticulture) in East Africa and cocoa in West Africa. Unlocking Africa’s potential in Agriculture requires practical, local effort and innovation.

Yields could triple with investments in infrastructure and agricultural inputs. The opportunities for agricultural processing are huge.